12 Month Prestigious Marathon Media Gold Plan

Many businesses need marketing but do not want a fully employed marketing department!

Marathon Media Work for YOU taking this on board and ‘Lightening the Load’. For a full year and hopefully longer, we are your marketing department.

At the initial complimentary consultation Marathon Media listen to your needs, assess your resources and consider your budget. We then put together an individually designed 12 Month Gold Marketing Plan.  Working in partnership we will go through the plan offering:-
A ‘hosting’ service offering all the services required to ensure your business reaches its goals
Regular meetings to keep you up to date with the process of the plan
Plus we are available by email or telephone throughout the plan for 100% support
The fully inclusive hosting service could include:-

Advertising – Supporting you through effective campaigns, including design, liaison with the right magazines or newspapers, pricing and ensuring effective results through analysis and monitoring

Copywriting – Preparation of Press Releases, magazine articles, brochures, newsletters, promotional materials

Internet Marketing – Website Design, Search Engine Optimisation, Google Pay per Click, email campaigns, blogging and other social networking

Customer Relationships Schemes
– Building client relationships through loyalty cards, recommendation schemes, ‘drip-drip’ marketing. Up to date data systems offer a world of opportunities

Don’t forget if you are not OUT THERE your competition will be!

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