Marathon Media Offer a Unique Proven  5 ‘P’s

Strategy to Success…

As part of the Marathon Media service we want to offer you freedom and flexibility with no long term set contracts. This is perfect for businesses who do not have the budget or do not wish to employ marketing personnel.  Also this is an ideal service for individual campaigns or specific promotions. We offer the Mile4Mile consultancy based on an hourly rate.


We enjoy a chat over coffee to discuss your business and how you would like to move forward.  This informal free consultation gives us an insight into how we can help increase your profile and raise your profits.  Having worked with numerous Companies over the years we recognise marketing is an investment in a non-tangible product and therefore our aim is to offer step by step return on investment.


Using your business/project/campaign plan an effective but marketing plan is prepared. This enables us to work together with  ensuring  focus is retained, goals are reached and results are achieved. After all nobody goes on a journey without knowing where they are heading!


Marathon Media only work with passionate people with a determination to succeed – however we can stir your initial love for your business and lighten your marketing  load. Simply leaving you to get on with your business!


Marathon Media are a determined and dynamic agency and happy to inspire & motivate you to persist through the challenges of business.


No more rushing into expensive ineffective marketing campaigns. Our thesis is based on running a marathon – putting all the 5 ‘P’s into place we work through each stage of your marketing, with steady timing, careful investment and continual analysis.  Proven results can be read through the testimonials on this site.

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