Christmas is Coming-Is Your Business Ready?

imagesI have a big concern as winter approaches as some advertising clients decide to stop with the reasoning “It Goes Quiet” “People are spending money on gifts, meals out, parties, glamming up”.

Do staff still need to be paid? Suppliers? Overheads? So where is the income going to come from?

 Whilst understanding that it costs money to advertise I believe that at a time when your business income could be rapidly reduced it is the right time to advertise BUT MORE IMPORANT TO ADVERTISE RIGHT!

You need to ask yourself some questions? Do people buy my products over the winter or Christmas period? What do they buy? How much income is reduced? Do they want to use my services and if so which do they choose to use?

Spend a little time now considering last year and how it impaired you and your business. Your personal and family too will be affected as your income drops just at a time when your children might be begging for a new ‘tablet’ or bike.


Can you offer a campaign for a special discount to increase the number they purchase? Can you add new products of a similar nature? Get in touch with suppliers now to get prices and supply dates. Focus your adverts in November and December totally on that – not discretely but IN BIG LETTERS.

What services do they choose? Again think now what worked – if you are a gardener snow and ice removal? Cutting back of bushes? Sorry I am not a landscape design expert but you are so again SHOUT OUT WHAT YOU OFFER! Not many of us want to be out in our gardens doing our own work in the cold but I am sure you are happy to do so. Snoop around and see what competition is doing. Look online. Do your research. The strongest survive and smile.


Change of Direction  Think about those with the disposable income- the ‘silver surfers’ – the over 60’s enjoying spending their investments, no longer essentially passed on as inheritance. The youngsters with an amazing amount of money they want to almost give away to look and feel great.  Nothing stops them.

Change People’s Minds  You may think you need to completely stop advertising if you offer for example swimwear or sunglasses. Do you know more and more people are going away for winter as they can’t cope with the weather? Don’t always think what you think should happen. We need encouragement to still look and feel great so push even more for your beauty/hair business. Everyone wants to look fabulous for Christmas and of course New Year Resolutions. Think out of the box. It is easier to think now whilst income is coming in rather than when in a panic when it isn’t.

images(2)Change Your Own Mind If you are a defeatist now then you might as well shut shop in November and open up in January and go on a cruise to the sun if you have the money. Or if you want to keep your business booming and blossoming even more into 2020 then just sit over a coffee and consider these points. Envisage happy faces of loved ones after receiving the benefits of your hard work and your own satisfaction.

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