Diane Carter Gallery 057Do you play the numbers game?

Do you  send out hunders or even of thousands of emails to potential clients?

Well the Good News is that Emails are now actually becoming more favoured. With the increased use of social media and mobile phones your email could be read if you spend time in preparation.

Communication is now being used in mainly three ways:-

Emails are now mainly used for business to business or business to the domestic market. People are happy to recieve special offers, information and regular updates. But due to the mass increase you have to be clever to ensure they don’t press the delete button. Face Book – This is now used mainly for communication with friends. Of course it is an invaluable tool also for businesses and we will talk about that in another tutorial. Texting Whilst businesses use this the main purpose is for family communication. This gives little hope for telephone calls but in a busy world people simply avoid. Businesses do use texting but many people see it as an intrusion into their personal life.

So here are a few tips to get your email read and not and not the reader RED! Grrrr…

  1. If it is a circular email, without names entered, ensure it is addressed to Sir or Madam ? Obvious?
  2. If you are using your own software such as a CRM system, ensure that ALL email addresses are in the BCC field (Blind Carbon Copy).  Businesses don’t want their name exposed to hundreds of other contacts.  Vital if purchased data through a specific target provider.
  3. Offer an interesting but short punchy title ? Vital benefits to their business!
  4. Ensure you use the correct email address for the person you are emailing.  Don?t just go to info@ or sales@.  It is so simple to visit the website and get the correct person with the direct contact.  Think a little more!
  5. When writing the email, again, short and sharp with the business benefits to the potential client.  They should not need to scroll to read the email.  Don’t forget this is a ‘carrot’ taster!
  6. Tidy text and spelling checks again are both often ignored but are vital.
  7. If you get emails through your website ‘contacts page’ call do not email.  They have probably emailed about 5 companies and the one who makes the effort to offer a more personal service often gets the deal! Call them direct within 24 hours unless specifically requested not to.
  8. Do not use the email as a ‘scape-goat’.  If you have any issues with clients, suppliers or service providers use the phone or personally visit, as often messages are mis-read and do a lot of damage.
  9. Also set specific times of the busy business day for email checking and replying.  You don’t want to appear none- busy with constant replies unless essential information or an immediate response is required
  10. Top Tip ? If you are not sure about an email, re-read it and then leave over night.  Think twice about the READER not the writer! Even send it to a business colleague …..act in haste repent at leisure

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