Diane Carter Gallery 080When you are in a Business sometimes YOU MISS OUT on so many Opportunities and before you know it YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS

I hope that is enough to please encourage you to read this month’s business article.

MARKETING CAN BE SCARY Marketing is often seen as the last thing a Business does and many business owners in my experience, turn to me  when they have so little business or even nothing and are in panic. Also at this stage they have very little money or are reluctant and of course fearful to invest it as often marketing may takes several months to achieve a return.

I am going to talk to you today about small low cost or free things you can do in your SME business to keep you busy and even grow your business. But you must set aside a few hours a week to plan this, budget for it and of course assess which is working. Spend wisely.

Advertising Oh yes here we go the expensive side of Marketing. Yes it can be and many business colleagues have been fooled by promises of results in  glossy magazines or largely circulated newspapers. Stop and ask yourself does this paper hit the areas you want to work in? Does it have lots of other businesses offering similar services? Is it aimed at the people you want to reach?  If you are not sure write a few things about that person.  Their age? Social Level (yes there is often one underlying), Employed or Retired. Where do they shop? These big advertisers are very persuasive and keen to tie you into a long term expensive contract that can destroy you. If it is something you want only have a trial run. Stick to your guns.

Online Advertising Another great pull and many offer platforms such as yell.com are great to get you seen when someone types in your type of business on Google. They pay to be seen higher up and it is a great tool. Other registered sites specific for your business are good to invest in too. Speak to other business colleagues but beware again of big promises and big packages and contracts. Start small or hey give me a call and happy to help.

Press Releases. Newspapers and local newsletters are crying out for quality articles and whether you advertise or not you may get some great exposure.  As a great creative writer, why not let me prepare you a press release.

Social Media Many people hate this Benefits of the World Wide Web and the tools such as Face Book, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Ad Words and Instagram.

A Website is great and you can enjoy the benefits for your business with a simple 2 page site set up by yourself using Vista Print or similar online providers or why not give me a call as I am happy to work with you to build the right one at the right budget.

Face Book If you have a personal profile why not set up a Business Page and put on your special offers, news updates and information about your business. Link it to your website for increased visitation. Explore and have fun. Ensure your settings are correct to keep both pages separate  and of course keep your personal profile ‘squeeky clean’. What a great FREE tool.  I love Face Book, it is a fabulous interactive, relationship building tool if used correctly.

Twitter is fabulous for feeding special deals and don’t be afraid to simply set up a business account and speak to the World. You can link it to your website.

Instagram and Pinterest are great if you are offering services that deliver something nice to look at for example a house extension, a conservatory, great furniture, flowers, dresses. Again simply get an account and upload photos and links to your website/Face Book Page.

Want help with any of the above? Call me now on 07477566167 Email diane@marathon-media.co.uk


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