Diane Carter Gallery 057My life has changed since I reached the age of 49. My business life also changed at this point. I knew I needed a new direction.

It is a FACT that most men (including women) achieve greater success after their forties and fifties due to possible extra experience, but a major factor; where they put their focus and energy. They now realise what they want to do and what they want to achieve. However I was struggling a little on both these issues.

I took a total step back from my Marathon Media marketing business and a step out of the Corporate Cage. Colleagues didn’t understand why I chose to not get up at 6 am, put on my shift dress and stop networking? The reason was simple; I had lost my way and was not happy with the product I was offering within my Marathon Media business and I was not happy with what I was presenting as myself at these meetings. I refused to be a fake, I was burnt out. I took a step out of the Commercial World and simply refused to return until I was back on form.

As and as a marketing person you need to have total confidence in what you are selling to gain business, keep it and also give the best to your clients. I was good at what I did but I had lost my passion; looking back I was exhausted too.  I decided to take a rain check which was the best thing I ever did.

It was recently suggested by a friend that I do the Camino Way; basically the name of any walk or ‘pilgrimage’ as originally undertaken and still for some, ending at the shrine of the Apostle St. James the Great in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia in north-western Spain, where tradition has it that the remains of the saint are buried. Many take up this route as a form of spiritual path or retreat for their spiritual/personal growth. Often it is used as a time away for reflection and focussing on a new future. In my experience most people I chatted to on the way, from all over the world, walked it to take time out to consider their personal relationships or business futures. They were taking me like a ‘rain check’, a refresh and were determined to walk to find the answers in the beautiful open space and fresh air.

20151007_093314I set off in October this year; basically with an open mind as to what I would meet on the ‘The French Way’ which is a classic route simply following the yellow Camino arrows. My plan was to walk 116kms over 5 days from Sarria to Santiago staying at hotels along the route. I like my home comforts when I walk including a hot shower and good bed and no amount of persuasion was going to encourage me to stay in a hostel with snoring and other non -pleasantries.

So what did I achieve and why do I want to share this with you? I achieved a new focus, answers to the future of my businesses and a positive outlook for the future. I am clear within what I want to achieve in 2016 which I know will be of benefit to you;-

The Marathon Media Company is now open to clients again offering all the traditional tools you require to build and keep your business growing; mainly focus on advertising & PR. But I recognised of course that also it is highly important to provide digital marketing skills so I quickly got engaged in the Social Media side of marketing which I love and did some personal development workshops.  Marketing strategies have changed rapidly but if you are a flexible person you can adapt and I believe the ‘step back’ allows me to offer fresh eyes to the whole concept. I am raring to go again.

I hope you can feel my new energy in this blog. I want to give you this great positive feeling and if you are where perhaps I was two years ago; stuck in your business then just give us a call on 07916 245 367 or email diane@marathon-media.co.uk. We can enjoy a coffee and chat and then I am sure I can assist you to get back into focus and get your business back to life.

I fell in love with the Camino and understand why many people return to do it again and again. I also fell back in love with my business and returned to why I started it in the first place. Marathon Media, Keeping you Miles Ahead, using the 5 tools within my Marathon running strategy; Preparation, Planning, Passion, Persistence and Pace to finish the race.

I hope I get to meet you soon. It would be my pleasure.

Diane Carter Director of Marathon Media, Chief Editor of the Sherwood Community Newsletter


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